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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Here's To Taylor Swift

Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite artist is Taylor Swift.  She has been my favorite since I first heard her song "Tim McGraw".  My ringtone is "You Belong With Me" and my favorite songs to play on the piano are anything from one of her five books that I have.  Her songs had a way of saying the words that I always wanted to say, but never knew how.  So when I found out she was coming to Salt Lake City for her 1989 World Tour I knew I had to go.

This would be my third concert of hers that I'd been to.  Every year I make a shirt with my favorite line from each one of her songs from the album in a cool design on the back and wear it to the concert.

This year I was so excited because I would be able to go with Kyle.  I love that Kyle likes Taylor Swift.  I still remember one of the first nights we hung out we sat in his car listening to Taylor Swift.  I was showing him some of my favorite songs off the Red album and then we were listening to her other songs as well.  It was one of my favorite nights with Kyle.  Then I found out he has a Taylor Swift shirt from the "Fearless" tour that he wears around, especially as a lucky test shirt and that was when I realized I had found the guy for me!

Our seats weren't very good...actually they were basically the worst we could have gotten, but I was soooo happy that I was there that as soon as the concert started I didn't even care where my seats were.  I had originally tried to get seats during pre sale, but didn't like the seats I got (I thought they weren't close enough hahaha little did I know).  So then when I went to buy them on the day of the actual sale, even though I got on right at 10, it told me they were all sold out.  Luckily my friend Emily was able to snag an extra two for Kyle and I.  Thank goodness because there was no way I was missing this concert and I am so glad we didn't!

One of my favorite parts was the bracelets that everyone got on their seat that would light up to the beat of the music.  It was definitely one of the coolest things I've seen at a concert.  They would flash with the beat and sometimes the color of yours would be different depending on the person next to you.  We loved it!

While we were waiting in line to buy a shirt and bracelet (because every year I get a bracelet and then wear it to the next concert!) there was a little girl probably about 6 or 7 standing next to us.  Kyle turns to me and whispers, "This little girl keeps staring at me!" Then about a minute later we hear "Mom, I didn't know boys liked Taylor Swift!" Kyle and I about died laughing.  It was so cute.  All I could think of though was how lucky I was that we share a love of the same music and that MY HUSBAND would actually want to go to a Taylor Swift concert with me and ENJOY it! He sang all the lyrics too, which made it even more fun.  I love that he goes along with all my weird obsessions and that he loves them too.  I definitely found a keeper and I hope that little girl one day finds a cute boy who loves Taylor Swift too!Definitely one of my favorite concerts for sure.  Now to count down to her next concert!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Our Last First MUSS Game

I've loved watching football ever since I was a little girl.  I remember watching Utah football games with my dad for as long as I can remember.  He would teach me how the game worked and I'd start to pick up on all the rules, the plays, and the lingo.  I loved knowing about football and the fact that I understood what was going on.  When I first started at the U I was thrilled to be in the MUSS.  I was really sad that I only was able to be in the MUSS for 3 years when I graduated.  Then I decided to get a guest pass and I was so happy I did.  This is my third year with a guest pass and sadly it is our last year in the Muss due to the fact that Kyle will be graduating this upcoming May.  We are hoping to get season tickets in the future, but until then we are going to enjoy our final time in the MUSS.

We decided to sit with Kyle's friends this year and then Meghan was able to sit with us as well.  It is such a blast and our group is so fun! They all really get into the game, which makes it even better.  It reminds me of two years ago when I first met Kyle in the MUSS because of this same MUSS group.  (If you want to read that story click here.)

I love that this boy is such a BIG sports fan....but especially a UTAH fan!

I love that Meghan and I are able to sit together again! 

Our group tried to take pictures and this is what we ended up getting.....

FINALLY we got a good one! GO UTES!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Disney World - 1 Year Anniversary Style

We celebrated our honeymoon at the happiest place on earth, so of course to celebrate our 1 year anniversary we had to celebrate at the other happiest place on earth! I love that Kyle loves Disney (almost) as much as me.  Kyle had never been to Disney World before and showing him around was such a blast.  It was fun because I hadn't been in a little over 10 years and there were obviously a few changes, which made it fun to experience those together.  

We decided to take a red eye flight to Florida, which looking back I don't know what we were thinking.  It sure was an adventure.  We didn't sleep much, but we were so excited when we finally arrived that it definitely gave us a boost of energy.  We were able to check into our hotel early and then at 8:00 we headed over to the park! We both knew we wanted to start with Magic Kingdom, because we love the magic of that park.  There is something about walking down main street that still gets me every time.  

First stop on main street was to get our cute Happy Anniversary pins! Kyle puts one on the backpack we carry around and not going to lie, it makes you feel so good when every worker you pass tells you "Happy Anniversary!"

We of course had to take a traditional castle picture! Aren't we so cute? ha



I love that I grew up going to Disneyland so often, especially because now I understand how the system works and when to ride which rides so we don't have to wait.  Everyone warned us about going in August, and although it was really humid and hot, the wait times weren't bad at all for us!

They have this Pirates treasure hunt activity you can do.  With our love of scavenger hunts we were loving it!

I didn't realize how much I would miss Lou though while we were gone.  I never thought I would end up being that 'dog mom'. My family watched him the first half of the week and Kyle's family the second half.  My mom would send me fun updates and pictures, which I loved getting.  He is such a stinking cute dog! So now I interrupt the fun of Disney World for a few pictures of my adorable cute dog.






Alright back to the Disney adventures! 

Animal Kingdom was our first stop on day 2! It was really fun and we ended up riding Expedition Everest at least 4 times.  It was a blast! Leading up to the trip we were so excited to try "animal poo" that apparently they started selling.  Unfortunately we totally spaced....guess we will have to go back!

Kyle posted this picture on instagram and told everyone to "Help! Dinosaurs stole my wife on our anniversary trip!"

I've NEVER in my entire life been more soaked on a ride than this time.  After we went down the second hill, the water came directly on top of both Kyle and myself.  We were soaking wet the rest of the day.  It is hard to tell how wet we were in the picture, but man it was fun!

We ended up only staying a little over half the day in Animal Kingdom, but it worked out well because then we made our way to Hollywood Studios.

Hollywood Studios was a lot of fun.  I remember it being my second favorite when I was younger because I loved seeing all the shows and they have some of the best rides.  This year it was fun to see all the Frozen themed activities going on.  Especially because of my love of Frozen!

Seriously considered getting that sweatshirt.....

A few years ago I started buying one disney shirt every year I went.  I now have quite a good collection and the tradition has now started with Kyle too.  These are the shirts we got this year.  



This was our second day at Hollywood Studios.  One of our favorite rides is the Tower of Terror.  We love it so much that we decided to buy the Disney Clue Tower of Terror version.  It is a pretty sweet game actually!



EPCOT was DELICIOUS! We went on a food hunt around the world and it was a blast.  Someone asked us if we were doing the 'drinking around the world' activity and then looked at us and said, "Oh wait, you guys aren't enough." Well actually lady....we are both definitely old enough and are actually on our one year anniversary trip right now! Ha Obviously I didn't say that, but it was pretty funny.  We both always get mistaken for being quite a bit younger.  This included one time getting cheaper tickets to a high school sporting event because they thought we were in high school! Hey it got us to save money so I was okay with it!


I got sick right before lunchtime and Kyle took this picture of me.  We have a family joke to take a picture every time someone gets sick at a Disney park and title it: Bad Day In Disneyland/World.  Guess my picture has now been added to the collection.

GERMANY! We really should've gotten him those ears! ha

 CHINA!!! Kyle thinks it is funny to cut me out of the selfie!

CANADA! This was just for Kyle's dad who went to Canada on his mission! We decided what better way to visit Kyle, Dennis, and Morgan's missions at the same time than by going to EPCOT! We thought it was genius!


Kyle loves to take multiple pictures at the same time.  I end up realizing it too late (although I'm catching on) and I just have to laugh at him.  He seriously makes me so happy!

ITALY! (Ps they had amazing ice cream!)


We got a little tired of all the bus rides from park to park, but we made it fun!

Our final evening we spent back at Magic Kingdom. We had to make sure to get a Dole Whip because they are AMAZING!

Kyle took this picture of the castle with the reflection in the water.  Isn't it beautiful?

We were so sad to be leaving that we decided to take a picture in front of the castle acting really sad.  The couple taking our picture was really confused and so when we told them we were sad to leave, it all made sense.

Of course how could I not get a picture in front of my favorite store in Downtown Disney? Our hotel was right next to it, which was a blast!

We had to finish our trip with some more food! ha Churro was a must and this slushy was delicious.  Kyle thinks it is funny to take pictures of me eating so this is what we got.

Don't ask me about the last picture.  It was really hot outside...but I still don't know what I was doing.   ha Well Disney World was a blast and I already want to go back.  It was the best way to celebrate our one year anniversary.  I still can't believe we've been married for a year.  It has been the best year of my life and I can't wait to see what happens this next year!