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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Day At The Beach with SwimZip

My last post was all about my new swimsuit from Diviine Modestee which you can read about here, so I thought today would be a great time to introduce my new coverup from SwimZip.  I always take a coverup with me whenever I go on vacation because I always feel so awkward walking from the hotel to the beach or pool in just my swimsuit.  When I found this coverup from SwimZip I loved how unique and stylish it was.  Most of the coverups I've seen lately are simple dresses, but I love the style of this dress with long sleeves and stripes.  Keep reading for a giveaway at the end of the post!

SwimZip is a company that focuses on making sun protective swimwear.  They offer swimwear for men, women, and children.  The children swimwear is absolutely adorable and made me excited for when I have kids and they can wear their cute suits.

I decided to go with the "Stunner" beach coverup for the longer sleeves and the fun ruch side that I synched up for a flattering fit.  I love the stripes and the navy blue color makes this coverup versatile and complimentary of my swimsuits.  It is perfect for those walks to the beach and even a break when you head out to get lunch in between time at the beach.  I can't wait to take this to my beach trip in June.

My sandals are borrowed from my sister who bought them at a Groopdealz warehouse sale where she got them for only $10!! Definitely follow Groopdealz because they do fabulous warehouse sales in Utah where I've bought so many items for a steal of a deal.

My photographer was Charissa Lee and if you didn't read about our adventure from this photo shoot you can read it here.

If you'd like to enter for a chance to win $50 to SwimZip head over to my Instagram page here.

Disclaimer: I received this Coverup from SwimZip to review.  All opinions are mine alone. I would never recommend a product to my readers that I didn't truly love and use myself.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Bring on the Sunshine

Here comes the sun (do-do-do-do)....

Well maybe not quite here in Utah, but it is starting to come and I can't wait! It is time to bring out the swimming suits and get ready to party at the pools and beaches.  This modest swimsuit is from Diviine Modestee and is one of my favorite picks from this years swim line.  They have over 100 options for you to mix and match that the possibilities are endless for you to find the perfect suit based on your body top.  They offer a variety of styles, fits, and colors to help you find the best swim suit for you.  I am doing a giveaway over on my Instagram for a chance to win your choice of swimming suit from Diviine Modestee.

These beautiful, sunny, beach pictures were taken by the amazing Charissa Lee.  I am grateful everyday that I met her.  She has not only become my photographer, but one of my best friends.  We always come away with crazy stories after a photo shoot and this session was no different.  We had been planning to take pictures of this swimsuit for awhile now, but the weather was not working in our favor.  We finally just decided on a date and stuck with it.  We went to the Great Salt Air beach to fake out a fun day at the beach scene and it was a blast.  The wind was going crazy and it was only 45 degrees while I was strutting around pretending that I wasn't frozen.  Looking back at the pictures though I have to give credit to Charissa for making the pictures seem like a sunny day at the beach.  What would I do without her?!

This tankini top is called the Flower Ruched Tankini in Royal Blue.  I love the form fitting style from the cinched bottom to the flowers across the chest.  I chose these fun geometric floral bottoms because of the bright colored pattern that went so well with the solid top. I choose the bikini style, but they have a variety of different styles in this same pattern.  They fit so nicely and cover everything you would want to be covered.....yay for modesty!

Have fun picking out your swimsuit for this year! I'd love to hear where you like to find your swimsuits, feel free to comment below.

Disclaimer: I received this Swimming Suit from Diviine Modestee to review.  All opinions are mine alone. I would never recommend a product to my readers that I didn't truly love and use myself.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Little Floral For Spring

Everyone needs a little floral in their life this spring season.  Have you seen how many cute floral items there are in stores right now? I have to admit, at first I wasn't a huge fan of floral.  I liked some floral, but I was very hesitant.  This season though I've seen so many cute floral items that it has really opened me up to the idea of having more floral items in my closet.

The first item that made me realize that I was going to end up being a floral fan this season was this dress from Lila Lane. It fits so well and I love how full the skirt is.  It makes it extra fun for spinning around!  I also think the length is amazing!  It goes to the knee, making it modest, which is my favorite part.  I also love the short sleeves and how the black makes the floral pattern pop.

Lila Lane is offering a 15% discount + free shipping until April 23rd to all my followers.  Just head on over to their website to purchase and receive the discount.  That discount makes this dress only $27!!! I've seen this same dress from other stores that is selling for $40! Don't you love when you can score a major find for such a great deal?

I took these pictures outside of the Salt Lake City Library with the amazing Charissa Lee.  Definitely give her a follow on her Instagram page and if you need a photographer, definitely book her.

I'd love to hear if you are loving the floral obsession happening this spring or if it isn't your thing? Comment below and let me know!

Disclaimer: I received this Floral Dress from Lila Lane to review.  All opinions are mine alone. I would never recommend a product to my readers that I didn't truly love and use myself.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Library Chic with Hello Audrey

When I started my fashion blog on Instagram I had no idea all the fun people and companies I would meet.  Some days I still can't believe how wonderful the blogging community is.  Everyone is so supportive and encouraging and I feel so grateful to be part of it.

One of those amazing girls I've met is Charissa! I've talked about her off and on in my other posts, but the last few days I've felt so happy that I met her.  From the first time she took pictures for my blog we became great friends.  I never feel weird taking pictures with Charissa because it is just us having fun.  We went to lunch last week during my spring break and it was a blast.

We decided to try going to the Salt Lake City library to take pictures and I love how they turned out.  We started inside and found this adorable chair by the big windows and (as you can see) I had a lot of fun modeling this outfit.  We tried to find a fun book to read for a picture, but all I could find in the section we were by was teacher prep books for the Praxis test.  All I could think of was how I need to study for that test now! (Or I'll just wait until summer vacation....yeah that sounds like a better plan! ha)

I got this amazing skirt from Hello Audrey and if you haven't checked out their website, you definitely need to.  They have lots of fun, spring items right now that I am dying to have in my closet.  If you want a chance to win a $20 shop credit to their website, head over to my Instagram account.

Disclaimer: I received this Audrey Skirt from Hello Audrey to review.  All opinions are mine alone. I would never recommend a product to my readers that I didn't truly love and use myself.